Tier 2

Segway Tour

Ride through a town or city in style with a Segway Tour. Segway tours are such a fun way to explore a new city or town. A tour guide will bring you to view the most famous tourist attractions as well as bringing you around the town or city you are exploring. Not only do you get to enjoy the sunshine while being outdoors, but you also get to ride the coolest vehicle of mankind! Segway’s are super easy to drive. There is no steering wheel, it’s all down to weight distribution. If you want to turn right, you lean right, if you want to turn left, you lean left and if you want to speed up, you lean forward. It’s that simple! This activity also provides endless amounts of laughter! Segway Tours are available in most of our locations in Ireland and Europe.

Most Locations
1 Hour
Daytime Activity
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