Guys Getaway Idea’s in Europe

When it comes to planning holidays abroad, women are easier to please as they are content with shopping and sunbathing. On the other hand, most guys don’t like these activities. We’re experts on the best locations for guys as we plan so many stag parties for groups. We’ve got it nailed down what guys like to do on a holiday. To find out some of the best spots in Europe for your lad’s holiday, keep on reading.


Liverpool is a great spot for a lad’s holiday. It’s also not too far if traveling from Ireland. Liverpool’s vibrant city is known worldwide for its amazing nightlife scene. With an endless amount of stag activities, pubs, and bars to avail of, your guy’s getaway will be a weekend to remember.


Prague is another mighty spot. Located in the Czech Republic, it's one of the cheapest capitals in Europe. Everything from transport, food to drinks is cheap in Prague. At a standard pub, a beer costs €1.20. Who could turn down that? We also have to mention the bustling nightlife Prague has to offer.


Next up is Budapest. Budapest is a city enriched with history. Hop on a Segway and explore the city in style or take part in a cycling tour. Also known for its food, you won't go hungry, with several different cuisines to try out. Famous for its beautiful scenery, you’ll get plenty of Instagram shots.


Last up is Marbella. The beautiful hot weather is a major factor as to why we’d recommend visiting Marbella for your lad’s holiday. Sun, sea, and cheap booze? Yes, please!! With lots of outdoor activities to get stuck into like surfing, kayaking, hiking, and lots more. The nightlife is also booming in Marbella. Plenty of spots to go drinking with the boys.



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