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Irish Stag Parties

With Covid still very much prominent all over the world, staying inland is advised for your stag weekend. Ireland is a beautiful country with lots to do and see so staying at home isn’t such a bad thing. In this post, we are going to run through some popular locations to host your stag in. Just to update you, we are now offering stag packages in the lovely Sligo!


Sligo is one of our newest locations that we offer packages in. So what’s so great about Sligo? First of all, it’s great for the sesh. Also known as the Las Vegas of Ireland, Sligo is becoming an extremely popular spot for hen and stag groups. With everything so closely located, Sligo is quite easy and convenient to get around. Groups searching for something a little bit different and to escape the busy city life are loving Sligo. Aside from the drink, Sligo has beautiful countryside landscapes as well as historic buildings to explore during your stay.



Kilkenny has been a popular stag do destination for several years now. This is because of its brilliant location, it’s easy to access from other counties. Another reason is that most pubs, bars, restaurants are easy to access. Kilkenny is easy to get around! There are also lovely spots to get a good fry up for the morning after when you are dying with a hangover. Not to mention the activities that are available in Kilkenny. The Hurling experience is an activity that is only offered in Kilkenny. For all the hurling fans, this might be for you. Another brilliant activity only available in Kilkenny is The Smithwick’s Experience. You’ll learn all about Kilkenny’s famous ale.



Carlingford has become quite the spot for hen and stag groups during Covid. Carlingford is a lovely spot for stags looking for somewhere a bit different. It’s quieter than most locations and easy to get around. Carlingford is famous for it’s outdoor activities. There are plenty of pubs and bars to eat and drink in. If you’re looking for a quieter scene, Carlingford is the right spot.



Galway is another popular location for stag parties. Galway bursts with a diverse nightlife to cater for all. From trad music to techno, Galway has something for everyone. From outdoor activities like surfing and kayaking in the Wild Atlantic Way to brewery tour and pub crawls in the city. There’s a different kind of a hustle and bustle in Galway that you don’t get in any other city in Ireland.


We hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you would like to seek some help or advise in anything stag party related don’t hesitate to contact us!


Cliffs of Moher
Boat in the sea
Kilkenny Castle
Kilkenny Castle
Old ruin in Carlingford
Houses along Galway Bay