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Stag Party Challenges

Organising a stag weekend can prove to be challenging. We’ve written below a few of the challenges some may meet when planning a stag party.

Agreeing on a date

Trying to get the whole group to agree on a date for the stag weekend can sometimes prove to be painful. The higher the number, the hardest it is.

Choosing a Location

Another challenge groups may face when trying to organise a stag is choosing the location. Some participants in the group might want to go abroad and others might like to stay in Ireland. At the end of the day, to make it fair, you might have to just do a vote.

Picking the Activities

Picking the activities can be another challenge amongst groups. The outdoor lovers will want to do activities like paintball, assault course, kayaking, or a cycling tour. The more adventurous will want to do quad biking, ziplining, sky park or water zorbing. And, finally, those looking for a more relaxed weekend, will want to take part in activities like a treasure trail, personalised scavenger hunt, cycling tour, or a brewery experience. Again, the only way to keep the entire group satisfied is to try pick a diverse range of activities or do a vote.

The Night Out

As the night goes on, your head feels fuzzier as more and more alcohol is consumed, the whole group finds themselves a little bit too drunk. You suddenly can’t remember how to get back to the accommodation you are booked in for the night. A little tip, bring someone reliable on the stag so they can get everyone safely back!

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By Eddie Stag Party Tips