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Stag Party Essentials

Have you been invited to one of your mate’s stag weekend and you’re not sure what to pack? Don’t worry, we have come up with a survival guide that will get you through the weekend! See below the list of essentials you need to pack. Keep on reading to find out..

1. Clothes

Always pack more clothes than necessary! Things will get messy and drinks will be spilled. It’s best to overpack and be covered in case of an emergency. The lads could run a prank and rob your clothes, but if you pack extra, you’ll be covered!

2. Mobile

A mobile phone is the ultimate essential item to pack. If you get lost, you will need to be able to contact any member of the stag group. Make sure to have a reliable person’s contact number in case of an emergency. Be aware, anything could happen on a stag!

3. Map

A map is particularly important to have as a backup in case your phone data isn’t working, especially if you are abroad. Mobile coverage is not always guaranteed for internet access. There's nothing as worse as getting lost, especially in a foreign country. To make matters worse, if you’ve been on the beer for a few hours it may be easier to get lost! The lads will thank you for carrying a map!

4. Hangover remedies

Packing the essential items to cure the hangover is a must. Whatever works for you to cure your hangover, bring lots of it! Be it painkillers or Berocca. You’ll thank yourself later.

5. Money

Always essential! Be sure to bring some backup cash in case of an emergency especially if going abroad for the stag! Some places also do not accept credit cards so having cash is also important.

6. Itinerary 

It's important that one person in the group has the itinerary and knows what is always going on! Having an itinerary also saves time so more time can be spent drinking and taking part in stag do activities!

7. A sense of humour

Let’s be real, you’re going away with a bunch of lads, jokes and pranks are going to happen! Enjoy the weekend, let loose, and have the craic with the lads! You’ll have a weekend to remember!

Luggage bag
Smartphone being thrown up in the air in the woods
Packet of pain killers
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