Stag Party Ideas for Non Drinkers

There is a stigma around stag parties and alcohol but not everyone is into that scene. You might be thinking, what is the point of having a stag weekend if there is no drink involved…. pure nonsense! There are so many options for groups who don’t like to drink or maybe you dread the hangover the following morning. Keep on reading to find out.


Activities wise, the world is your oyster. Choose from indoor activities like cube games, sea fairing activities like kayaking or the more extreme ones like ziplining. Depending on what area you choose to spend the weekend in, you could go for a hike or cycle and take in some amazing views!

The Cube

Cube Games are a new activity that is sweeping across the nation! Familiar with the famous tv show ‘The Cube’? then you’ll know exactly what this activity is all about. Lots of mini-games and drinks are included in this. Usually, cube games take place in a local bar! Work as a team to beat the cube!


For the types that love a bit of an adventure, kayaking is a go to activity. Adored by many stag groups, it’s a bit of craic and gallery! Choose from either sea kayaking or river kayaking. Either way, both are equally as fun!


Ziplining is clearly not for the faint-hearted! If you adore pumping your adrenaline and getting out of your comfort zone, this one will suit you. Immerse yourself high up in the sky and let completely go as you rush through the sky!

Instead of going for day time drinks in the afternoon, opt to go for a nice coffee or non-alcoholic beverage to chill out with the boys! Later on in the evening, go out for some grub in a local bar minus the beer, there’s no shame in that! You’ll all be as fresh as daisies the following morning ready for another action-packed day! There you have it, you’re sorted for your upcoming stag weekend with the lads. If you need any assistance planning the weekend, feel free to get in touch.


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