Stag Party Ideas for Outdoorsmen

For the stags that don’t want to spend the whole weekend drinking, don’t worry, there are plenty of activities to keep the group entertained. Outdoor themed stags can be lots of fun. Immerse yourself outdoors and get stuck in. This blog will include some of our favourite outdoor activities.

1. Paintball

First up is paintball, a stag party ritual in our eyes. We recommend paintball to almost every stag group. An activity that is known worldwide and available in all our package locations. Paintball is a brilliant team building activity, the bigger the group, the more fun will be had. If you are unsure how the game works, your group will be split into two teams and will play against one another through various paintball games. You shoot paintballs at one another but be aware the paintballs are powerful and getting hit hurts, but that’s what makes the game more thrilling! You must work as a team to successfully beat the opposing team. It’s great craic!

2. Assault Course

As seen on Ireland’s Fittest Families, an assault course can be brutal but lots of fun. Put the stag group to the test and see who’s the fittest one out of the bunch. Brave the cargo nets, monkey bars, high walls, and more completing the course. This activity also focuses heavily on teamwork. You work as a team to get your team members to the finish line. This activity is another popular choice amongst stag groups and is available in multiple package locations.

3. Bike n Hike

For the lads who love to be at one with nature, bike n hike might be a suitable option. This activity involves both cycling and hiking along a nature trail. Explore and take in the beautiful scenery along the way. Groups can go at their own pace, take breaks along the way, and enjoy being out in nature.

4. Kayaking

Try something new and exciting with a kayaking activity. Kayaking is available in all our package locations. Choose from sea kayaking or river kayaking, both are equally as fun! Each location will provide a different tour from city tours to more adventurous tours like night kayaking.

5. Quad Biking

Experience the rush and adrenaline with a quad biking activity. Ideal for the lads who love a thrill-seeking experience. Elevate your heart rate as you drive through woodlands, rivers, rolling hills, and much more. Quad Bikes can drive through almost anything! This activity is available in some of our Irish locations.


There you have it, you’re sorted for your upcoming stag weekend with the lads. If you need any assistance planning the weekend, feel free to get in touch.

Two People Surfing
Paintball Stag Party
Kilkenny Activity Centre Assault Course
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Quad Biking in the woods
By Eddie Stag Party Tips