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Top 5 Stag Party Activities

Looking for some foolproof options for an epic celebration? Organising a stag do is a big deal, no pressure. No need to panic, we’re here to help! There are so many options from action-packed activities to more subtle ones. We are going to let you in on a secret and reveal our top 5 most popular activities for stag groups. Keep on reading to find out…

1. Paintball

First up is Paintball, the ultimate stag party activity. Paintball ranks in at number one, an extremely popular activity amongst stag groups. If you are looking for an action-packed activity, this one is a winner in our eyes! Throw the camouflage gear on and pretend you are in a real-life battlefield situation with the lads. Shoot paintballs at one another like there’s no tomorrow. The competitive streak will come out to shine during this game. Will you be on the winning team?

2. Assault Course

Up next is the Assault Course. This activity is for manly men. A brutal course that includes high walls, slides, nets, ropes, and lots more, you work as a team to get through the course in record time.

3. Karting 

At number three is Karting. The lads that love adrenaline-pumping activities, this one is for you. Experience the rush as you whiz around the karting track. There will be plenty of competition between the other lads, who’ll be the fastest?

4. Whiskey Tasting 

Next up is Whiskey Tasting, a more relaxing activity but brilliant all the same. Start the evening off on a high note by trying different brands of whiskey with the stag group. Chat and mingle with some of the lads you may not know as well, it’s a great way for the group to bond. You’ll all be well on your way by the end of the activity.

5. Bubble Football

Last but not least, Bubble Football. Another classic, Bubble Football is very popular. Available in almost every location we offer packages in, this one will not disappoint. Enjoyed by all ages, Bubble Football promises guaranteed craic and galore. Get into adult size bubble balls and bounce around as you play a friendly game of football.

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