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Stag Party Ideas

Your best friend’s getting hitched and you have been put in charge of the stag weekend. Struggling to figure out where to go and what to do? Panic over, we are going to run through some stag party ideas to help a fella out! If you ask us, the main goal of the weekend is to please the masses and to keep it simple.


Choosing the right location is crucial. The location sets the overall vibe of the weekend. Stay in Ireland or go abroad, both equally are enjoyable! We, at StagFree offer packages in Ireland and Abroad.


Choose from a hotel, hostel, or self-catering accommodation, all are great options. It comes down to personal preference. If you are under a strict budget, we would recommend choosing a self-catering or a hostel.


Choosing activities that the groom will be interested in is important as well as everyone else in the party is comfortable with. The more common options are always a great hit with all! See below some great stag party activity idea’s!

Adventure Activity Weekend

An adventure activity weekend always goes down a treat! If your groom and guests are into adrenaline pumping activities this weekend is a no brainer! Choose from activities like Surfing, Kayaking, Ziplining, Assault Course or Clay Pigeon Shooting. All these activities are great craic and will get people mingling and bonding!

Paintball or Airsoft

For the competitive bunch, a game of paintball or airsoft would be ideal! A stag party ritual, both activities never disappoint. This activity gets everyone bonding as it’s all about working as a team, putting your aim to the test, and pretending you are in a video game. Perfect for all those Call of Duty fans!

River Cruise or Boat Trip

A River Cruise or Boat Trip always goes down well with the lads. Who doesn’t want to sit back and relax with a bevvy with the boys? Catching up whilst taking in beautiful views before the wild night ahead is always enjoyed by all.

Whiskey Tasting

An activity like whiskey tasting is suited to all. What sort of man doesn’t like whiskey? A perfect way to start off the mad night on a high note! Chatting away to the lads and sipping on all the different types of whiskey. You’ll be locked before you know it!

Treasure Trails

Treasure Trails are the perfect day time activity. They get the whole stag party involved and interacting with one another. It’s all about teamwork, following maps, solving out puzzles, and discovering new things along the way while exploring a town or city.

Zorb Football

Looking for a more active activity? Zorb Football or Bubble Soccer is great craic! Zorb Football is football only in a giant adult size bubble. Take tackling to the next level by running and jumping into each other! You will spend most of the game on the ground laughing!


When it comes to food, most lads aren’t fussy. Options like pub grub always work best! We offer a main course and pint in all our packages! At the end of the day, getting some soakage in is vital before an evening of booze!


We hope you found this blog helpful! We look forward to hearing from you regarding your upcoming stag do!




















By Eddie Stag Party Tips