StagFest 101: the pinnacle of parties!

Everyone brace yourselves, because the most epic stag party known to mankind is lurking just around the corner. Have you already started planning the teams for paintball? Thought about the most absurd outfit for your best friend to wear? Can you already picture the future father-in-law, a man of grace and poise, caught in the crossfire of ‘just one more round of beers’?


Follow this guide, and we can promise you a weekend chock-full of brand-new memories that will last a lifetime (or, you know, at least until the next round of shots). Get set for a legendary party that’ll have you swapping stories for ages to come! 

The stag code

Not everyone’s a born leader for a stag group, but no worries! We’ve cracked the code to stag party success! Dive into the world of pranks, uncover bizarre stag party traditions, plan some adrenaline-pumped activities, and, of course, get some practice with a few trial nights out. Because, let’s be real, the morning after is a survival test! 

And here’s the easy part: score bonus points by reaching out to us at Stagfree. Share your wildest ideas with us, and all you have to do is show up on the day. Your stag party, made easy!

Destination dilemmas

Selecting the right location is crucial. You don’t want to end up where the groom and the squad have been before (unless mentioned otherwise by the Stag), or worse, travelling too far out if you’re only away for one night. No one wants to spend half their weekend on a bus.

So, where to? Kilkenny and Carlingford are your go-to if you’re on the hunt for a wild nightlife. Galway and Westport are perfect if you’re into water sports. Carrick-on-Shannon is your buzzing town that won’t break the bank. Dublin has everything you can dream of and then some more! And let’s not forget about Cork, Waterford, and Limerick – great-value destinations with a lot to offer. The choice is yours, gentlemen!

The outfits

Alright, lads, it’s time to suit up…or not! Let’s save that for the actual wedding. Embrace the nonsense of themed outfits! Whether it’s superheroes or fluffy animals, the choices are endless. So, wait no longer—gather your party crew and raid the costume shop!

Game on

Amp up the fun with pre-arranged games that’ll have everyone cracking up. Stag Bingo, Dizzy Bat Challenges, and Pin the Tail on the Groom are just the beginning. Plan your games wisely, and remember – no mercy for the groom!

Legendary pranks

We have brought them up before, but how could we not? Pranks are a stag party essential! You can fake-kidnap the groom, crush his hopes with the wrong stripper reveal, or add a fake tattoo while he’s sleeping (extra points for the lower back). Nail this part of the job, and we guarantee you’ll be rolling on the floor with laughter.

Drink like a pro and Sláinte!

Become an expert at the booze, after all, we don’t want to start losing members right at the start of the party. Be prepared for all the cheers you will be doing during the night, and draft a speech to celebrate one of your mate’s last nights of freedom!

Hangover SOS

Gear up for the aftermath with a survival kit. Sunglasses, aspirin, and a note saying, ‘Never again… until the next stag party.’ Perhaps, if you have another beer, you’ll feel better anyway!



There you have it, fellas – your guide to achieving pure hilarity at a stag party! Follow these steps and plan a party that will go down in the history books as the best weekend ever, or at least until the next one! Check out Stagfree if you want to keep the cost low and avoid any of the stress!


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