Roast or Toast? Find out how to prepare your best man speech


Crafting your best man speech? Fear not, my friend! We’ve got your back. 

Here are some tips to help you hit that sweet spot between making people laugh and pulling the heartstrings:


Give it a go at home – Remember, what seems short on paper can surprisingly stretch when spoken. Practise, keep it short and sweet. But, seriously, don’t overdo the testing; we’re aiming for natural, not a robot act!


Manage the nerves – If those nerves kick in, no biggie. Take a sec and take deep breaths. Talk at a leisurely pace, and keep a water bottle within arm’s reach, just in case.


Open with a BANG – Start strong. A killer opening line or a hilarious story sets the tone and grabs everyone’s attention. Sounds easy, right?


Read the room – Once you are at it, eye contact is key! If your audience isn’t responding well, switch gears. Remember, you’re not just cracking jokes for the groom, you’re also entertaining aunt Amelia and cousin Noah too.


Your stories, your style – Just be yourself. If you’re not the sentimental type, or stand-up isn’t your forte, no need to force any of it. Just be you; a chill, genuine speech always wins.


Spill some tea (but keep it PG18) – Share some goss, but don’t spill anything too indecent. We’re after laughs, not trying to shock the in-laws into fainting.


Inside jokes – Inside jokes are awesome, but make sure everyone’s in on it. Your speech shouldn’t feel like some exclusive club.


Steer clear of drama – Keep it light, man. We’re here to celebrate, not to accidentally start a family feud.


Keep it going – Mid-speech, throw in a suggestion for a toast – everyone raises their glasses and cheers to the newlyweds. Let’s turn this speech into a team effort for one of the best moments in the evening! Cheers to unforgettable memories!


Show some love for the bride – Never, and I mean never, forget the leading lady! Shower the bride with compliments. It’s like handing over the MVP trophy to the true champ!


Finish on a high note – Take a moment to acknowledge those who couldn’t make it, praise the couple, and give a big thanks to the bridal party. Finish off with good vibes, a heartfelt wish, and (why not?) one more cheer for the happy duo. It’s your mic-drop moment!


And for all of you brave best men out there, don’t forget our pro-tips below!


Switch-up the mood –  Nail the timing and keep the crowd guessing. First, they’re cracking up. Then, let the laughter settle before you hit them with a moment so heartwarming even the cold-hearted will be tearing up. It’s like a comedy symphony, and you’re the maestro!

Pop culture – Slip in a movie quote or a pop culture reference – but be cautious! Overdo it, risk losing your crowd to daydreaming, and may the force be with you!


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