Plan A Stag Party in Ireland

Stag Parties in Ireland

Prepare for a stag party experience beyond compare! Ireland stands out as the ultimate destination for an unforgettable stag weekend. So, buckle up, and let Stagfree unravel the secrets to rocking a stag party (well, not all of them!).

Kilkenny: The pinnacle of nightlife for stag parties!

  • Immerse yourselves in the mediaeval charm of Kilkenny, where Kilkenny Castle, once the stage for knights and jesters, is now the backdrop for unforgettable stag parties. Gather the lads and soak in all these vintage vibes before venturing into the city’s many bars, pubs, and nightclubs! There is something for everyone, from your traditional Irish cosy pub to festive live bands, never forgetting the plethora of modern night venues.
  • Still not convinced about the Marble City? Kilkenny boasts one of the best beer trails across the country. Explore the birthplace of Sullivan’s and Smithwicks, and indulge in the rich flavours of local brews, creating unforgettable beer-fueled memories as you traverse Kilkenny’s pub scene.

Galway: Where coastal adventures meet with a big buzzy city!

  • If you love water sports, Galway is your go-to place! Paddle through the breathtaking Galway Bay, try out a surf lesson, or embrace the thrill of cliff-jumping on Connemara’s west coast. It’s an experience for the bravest stag parties, offering not only an adrenaline rush but also stunning views of the Atlantic coastline.
  • In addition to being one of Ireland’s liveliest atmospheres, Galway is filled with street performances, impromptu music sessions, and a huge overall diversity. Once titled the Capital of Culture, Galway is where the pints flow as fast as the River Corrib, making it the ultimate spot for a stag weekend.

Carrick-on-Shannon: Who says affordable can’t be unforgettable?

  • Glide along the River Shannon, soaking in the breathtaking landscapes of Ireland’s cruising capital as the lads cheer to the groom aboard a boat. Yes, we’re talking about Carrick-on-Shannon, where creating memories won’t break the bank.
  • Carrick warmly welcomes all you stags with an extensive selection of pubs offering pocket-friendly pints and an atmosphere that fosters camaraderie. Let the banter flow as you delve into local history, pint after pint, ensuring a stag party like no other.

Limerick: ‘Will you come up to Limerick?’ You surely will if you love Rugby!

  • If you’re a rugby enthusiast, look no further – Limerick boasts an extremely rich rugby culture. Seek out regional matches, join the locals in the pub, or delve into the city’s rugby history at its rugby experience museum! Home to a mediaeval fortress, Limerick can be the ideal background for a stag party for the tough ones!
  • Home to King John’s Castle, a mediaeval fortress, and famous for its lively and friendly spirit, Limerick can offer great craic and be the ideal setting for a stag party for the tough ones!

Cork: Where gents feast and frolic!

  • For all you foodies out there, Cork’s culinary scene is just what you need for your stag party! Think of the famous English Market. From artisanal treats to local delicacies, it’s a feast fit for stags seeking a gastronomic adventure. Of course, they also have those mouthwatering chippers for after your night out!
  • With the highest number of pubs in the country, Cork’s bohemian streets, lined with vibrant street art, set the ideal mood for unconventional stag parties. Shot after shot, revel in the unique charm of Cork’s boho scene.

Waterford: Viking legends come to life! 

  • Transport yourself back in time as you step into Ireland’s oldest city. Explore the home of Reginald’s Tower and the Medieval Museum on a journey through Viking legends, perfect for creating memorable stag tales.But Waterford has much more than meets the eye, with delicious blaas ready to be consumed at any time! 
  • Don’t underestimate its historical charm, and be sure not to miss out on the lively nightlife. With pubs and bars catering to every taste, Waterford promises wallet-friendly and yet unforgettable  stag weekends.

Dublin: The craic never ends!


  • Get ready for an unrivalled stag party experience in Dublin, the heartbeat of Ireland! Dive into the legendary Temple Bar district with your fellow stags. Packed with pubs, live music venues, and party people, Dublin is full of options for crazy daytime activities too! Let the Guinness run through your veins and the Jameson get to your brain, immerse yourself in historical venues and go shopping where all the brands are a go!
  • Pub hopping is also a must! From the Brazen Head, the country’s oldest pub, to the iconic O’Donoghue’s, each pub tells a tale of the city’s rich past. Immerse in this historical bar crawl that will surely guarantee great memories to share on your wedding speech!


Carlingford: A small coastal town for big stag parties!

  • Renowned for its self-catering options, Carlingford offers an affordable haven for your stag party, leaving plenty in the budget for the weekend! Seize the wild craic with adventure activities that’ll make your stags’ hearts race. Soar through the skies by zip-lining over Carlingford Lough or kick up some mud with off-road driving—the town promises a blend of thrills!
  • After the adrenaline surge, gather the guys in Carlingford’s snug pubs for an evening of indulgence. Grab yourselves some of the freshest seafood delights and raise a glass to the memorable times!

Westport: Traditional stags, stunning views!


  • Nestled on the scenic west coast, Westport offers traditional delights for the ultimate stag party. Activities like sea kayaking or self-imposed challenges to conquer Croagh Patrick can make it quite competitive!
  • Stroll through the lively streets in Westport town. Its pubs offer a mix of traditional Irish warmth and modern vibes, making it a legendary spot for a great stag weekend!


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