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Price comparison on Stag Party locations in Ireland

In this blog, we are going to outline the price comparisons in various stag party destinations across Ireland.

Expensive to Cheapest Destinations

1. Dublin 

It may come to no surprise that Dublin city, the capital of Ireland is the most expensive stag destination in Ireland. The reasoning behind this is due to its steep costs and high demand. Dublin city is a tourist hub. The average stag weekend in Dublin ranks in at €239 per person.

2. Galway 

Next up is Galway. Galway is ranking in at the second most expensive stag party destination. Again, an extremely popular spot amongst tourists, Galway city is thriving in the tourism sector. Galway has lots to offer when it comes to tourist destinations, activities, shops, pubs, and restaurants. On average, a stag weekend in Galway costs €182 per person.

3. Kilkenny

Kilkenny, the medieval city of Ireland is next up. Kilkenny is another destination in demand amongst hen and stag groups. Filled with history, Kilkenny has several tourist attractions to visit, restaurants, café’s, and pubs to dine in. Not to mention an abundance of activities to get involved in. A stag weekend in Kilkenny on average costs €173 per person.

4. Cork

Beautiful Cork city comes in at number four. Another popular stag and hen destination, Cork has plenty to do and see and is also in demand. In comparison to Dublin, Cork is a cheaper alternative. Cork is a great spot as it wouldn’t be as busy as Dublin which is a plus! On average a stag weekend in Cork is €172 per person.


5. Waterford

Waterford ranks in at number five. Another lovely spot to visit for your stag weekend. Waterford has plenty of activities from outdoor to indoor to get involved in. Venture out to the coastline for some water activities if you are feeling more adventurous!  A weekend in Waterford comes in at €171 per person.

6. Carrick-on-Shannon 

Carrick-on-Shannon is coming in at number six. Carrick on Shannon has become a popular stag do destination in recent years. For groups looking to experience something a bit different, Carrick is a lovely spot. With cheap accommodation prices, Carrick is suited to groups on a budget! With a great range of pubs, restaurants and activities, you will not be lost for things to do in Carrick!

7. Carlingford

Last up is Carlingford. A great little spot for a stag weekend. This location is ideal for an active bunch. Carlingford is known for its amazing outdoor activities. Carlingford is located about an hour from Dublin, which is perfect if travelling from Dublin Airport. Carlingford has lots of little pubs and restaurants to dine in as well as lots of other activities. Again, as this location ranks in as the cheapest stag do weekend, it’s a win win! Perfect for those on a budget or just not willing to spend stupid money on the weekend!

There you have it! A list starting from the most expensive stag do destinations to the cheapest! We hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to contact us with any stag related queries!

By Eddie Stag Party Tips