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Stag Parties for Larger Groups

Planning a stag do and the group is on the larger size? Not to worry, we are going to run through some accommodation options, activities, and dining for larger stag groups!

Accommodation for larger stag groups

When it comes to accommodation for large stag groups, we suggest staying in self-catering or a hostel. Where you choose to stay depends on the budget of your group.


Self-Catering is a great option, especially during Covid. With big numbers, the price of the property is very affordable. Plus, you have the option of eating and drinking at the property.


Choosing to stay in a hostel is another great option for stags of larger groups. With big numbers, you will more than likely get a private room. It’s a win win! And hostels offer fantastic cheap rates. What more could you want?


Activities for larger stag groups 

Activities wise, the outdoor activities are better craic the bigger number you have. We suggest the below activities for larger groups.


Paintball is a brilliant stag do activity. It’s almost a stag party ritual. It’s really popular amongst stag groups! Pretend you’re in a real-life battlefield shooting paintballs at your buddies. The group will be split into teams and you will play against each other. Who will be on the winning team?


Bubble Football 

Another great stag party activity is Bubble Football. Again, this activity is best suited to larger groups as the group will get split into two teams. The teams will play against each other. This activity consists of getting into adult sized bubble balls whilst playing a game of football. It’s great craic! Take tackling to the next level. You won’t be able to keep your feet on the ground with the tackling that will go on.


Whiskey Tasting

Whiskey Tasting is brilliant for larger stag groups! Enjoy testing out many different types of whiskey whilst bonding with the whole stag group. You’ll be well on your way before you hit the pub later on.


Dining with larger groups

We recommend booking well in advance to avoid disappointment when it comes to dinner arrangements. However, if you book with us, we will sort it and you won’t need to worry about a thing!


We hope you enjoyed this post. For any stag related queries, feel free to contact us!


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By Eddie Stag Party Tips