The Ultimate Stag Do Survival Kit

Stag party survival kits are necessary as there’s always one fella in the group that can’t pull themselves together for round two! This guy would be grand on the night out but the next day, he is dead to the world! So, you might be thinking, what the hell do you put in a survival kit? Keep on reading to find out.

1. Beverages 

First up is drinks. Keeping hydrated after a big night out is key! We recommend

  • Lucozade: the holy grail of hangovers!
  • Water: A good sup of water makes everything better!

2. Painkillers

Suffering from a banging headache? No problem, painkillers will sort that out for you!

3. Plasters

Perhaps someone may have fallen over drunk or fell off something they shouldn’t have been climbing. We’ll leave it there!

4. Mints or Chewing gum 

Mints or chewing gum are a necessity. Nobody wants to smell your hangover breath.. ew!

5. Snacks

We recommend stocking up on some snacks. You can't beat a bag of crisps when you’re hungover!

It's that simple. Pack a survival kit to look over the poor chap that cant beat the hangover!

Man holding bottle of water
Packet of pain killers
Mr. Moxey's Mints
Keogh's Crisps
By Eddie Stag Party Tips